My curriculum encourages creative, social and emotional, physical, cognitive, and language development. The daily activities we engage in will help develop letter recognition and letter sounds (phonics used), colors, counting, days of the week, months of the year, the weather, seasons, monthly themes (all about me, feelings, transportation, the food groups, dinosaurs, farm animals, Fitness, healthy eating, and more), pre-writing (Denelian used), fine and gross motor skills, art and sensory stimulation, early math, language, and reading skills. The activities are balanced throughout the curriculum. Free play is offered daily and the children will choose their own games and activities available geared towards enhancing their creativity, growth, and development.

Weekly activities include many, many creative art projects (my specialty), cooking, show and tell, share a book day,  and music time.Special days such as movie day, pajama day, teddy bear day, etc. are also part of the fun. Celebrations are given for every child’s birthday, a Halloween party, a Thanksgiving feast, a Christmas gift exchange, visit to Santa Claus, secret shopping for the parents, siblings, and pets, stockings and presents for all, Valentine’s party and card exchange, St. Patrick’s “lucky’ party, Easter party and baskets filled with goodies, end of the school year party, Fourth of July celebration, summer bbq, and a welcome back celebration. We recognize our families with a special present handmade by the children on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Christmas.

Each child learns at their own pace. The small group atmosphere allows the additional time to work with a child that may need extra help while the other children are engaged in another activity. Open communication between staff and parents is vital to encourage your child’s growth. Knowing what your child is experiencing during his/her day allows you to reinforce those skills and activities at home. Therefore, daily and weekly reports on your child’s progress will be provided. We encourage your visits to the day care home. Special activities and events to share your child’s development are scheduled for you to attend throughout the year.

Intellectual growth:

  • Children will have a positive feeling toward learning
  • They will make discoveries through free play and guided learning experiences
  • They will be able to use their senses to help them learn
  • They will increase their communication skills, both verbally and   written

Social Growth:

  • Children will become comfortable in an environment away from parents
  • They will develop self esteem and empathy for others
  • Children will learn cooperation, respect of others, and following simple rules expected
  • Children will learn how to be a part of a group

Physical Growth:

  • Fine motor skills will be enhanced through manipulatives such as crayons, paints, puzzles, scissors, tweezers, etc.
  • Gross motor skills will be enhanced with outdoor play, sports, creative movement, pre-ballet and tap  dance class, stepping stones
  • Children will be introduced to  keeping their bodies healthy through proper nutrition and exercise (the monthly theme  in January  is the five food groups and the monthly theme in May revolves around National Fitness month)